Tzvetan Tzolov - new World champion!

The last couple of days were more than exciting for the paragliding community. The 9th FAI World Championship (first class event) took place in Vlora, Albania. From the 5th until the 14th of May the city at the albanian mediterranean seacoast became an arena for the best world contestants in the discipline accuracy landing.

Over 147 participants from 28 countries competed and had the chance to show talent, skills and ambition. Some days were very dynamical and the rounds came one after another, others were time for break and physical relaxation, but at the same moments of great psychological tension.

Tzolov was at his best during the whole competition. Coming with his family - wife Rimante Tzolova and 2 years old daughter Neringa, the Bulgarian did as well parenting and supported his wife, who is paragliding pilot for the national lithuanian team. Rimante also flies with a glider, which means that while the father is up in the sky aiming for excellent result, the mother takes care of the child down on the ground. Then they switch places. This is for sure high level of multitasking, showing that dreams can come true under all kind of circumstances once there is determination and will.

Vlora hosted a marvelous championship. The opening ceremony, the competition, the judges, the awarding, the closing ceremony - everything was well planned and the international audience enjoyed spectacular flights.

During almost all 9 rounds Tzolov was leading. The final round on Saturday brought out the best from the bulgarian pilot. He had to deal with difficult meteorological conditions like tail wind blowing at the launch point on top of the hill and no wind at all down on the beach at the final. In addition, the reverse round made emotions hit the highest levels possible. Flying last Tzvetan made all contestants and the audience wait for the one landing that may change everything. And it did. It proved once again that this year's Champion Tzolov, member of the bulgarian team, is well trained and gifted paragliding pilot.

Tzvetan took first place, followed by Matjaz Sluga, Slovenia, and Haiping Chen, China third place. As for the national teams ranking is following: Team China first, Team Serbia second and Team Czech Republic third. Women's ranking: Nunnapat Phuchong, Thailand first, Marketa Tomaskova, Czech Republic second and Rika Vuayanti, Indonesia third.

In conclusion, Bulgaria is proud with its victor, paragliding sports gain more and more popularity in the country and worldwide.




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