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Paragliding club

Experienced tandem pilots and instructors

Flying 7 days a week all year round

Just 30 min from Sofia center

Inflight video and photos for free

Perfect for your first flight! It is a seated paraglider geared with back engines and a set of wheels. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!

15 min - 38 eur, 30 min - 60 eur

The freedom and pleasure you'll enjoy are absolutely unsurpassed! It is hang-glider mounted on a two-seater motorized trike.

15 min - 45 eur, 30 min - 80 eur

Experience the magic of free-flight. It is a paragliding flight towed up by the winch.

5-10 min - 33 eur

As soon as after a short run the wind lifts the glider into the air, an overwhelming feeling of weightlessness sets in.

10-30 min - 70 eur

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20 years of experience
Our instructors and tandem pilots have been flying for years and have taken 1000s of people into the air for an amazing experience. Your first flight is a precious moment and we insure you have a safe, fun and unforgettable adventure. 

Sofia City province, between Mramor and Dobroslavtsi villages, Dobroslavtsi shose street, Bulgaria

ozyline@gmail.com | +359888024143

rimante.verbylaite@gmail.com | +359882267623

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