Paragliding offers you the opportunity to look at the world from a completely different perspective.

Learning to paraglide will require determination and effort, but the rewards are soon realised. Your first low, ground-skimming flight will be one of the most impressive moments in your life.

We teach in small groups of 1-4 students and pride ourselves on tailoring our training programmes to meet the individual needs of our student pilots. The courses are very flexible and this allows students to progress at their own pace, training at times which are convenient for them. In Sofia region the most reliable months to learn paragliding are August, September, October and November.

Novice pilot course (IPPI - PARA PRO 3 or/ and APPI 3 training programme) is for complete beginners who have never had any previous paragliding experience. The course allows you to obtain and develop the necessary skills to enable you to undertake controlled take offs, flights, turns and spot landings from hills. Later on you will learn more advanced flying skills like soaring, thermalling, rapid descent techniques and invaluable glider skills. In a lecture assisted by your instructors you will obtain an insight into site assessment, suitable weather conditions, the aerodynamics of the wing in flying and basic air law, all of which is necessary information for your safe flight.

  • The Novice pilot course costs 500 eur.

  • IPPI card +  Vertical Dimension membership fee is 55 eur.

We take great pride in the range of certified wings and harnesses we have for our students to use during their training. All our equipment is suitable for complete beginners of all shapes and sizes.


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