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We have a high passion for flying and would love to share this opportunity with you to paraglide and experience the thrill and excitement of flying.

Vertical Dimension paragliding club offers tandem introductory paragliding flights, paragliding courses, paragliding equipment sales and service. Located in Bulgaria, just 15 min North of Sofia. We offer tandem flights and courses 7 days a week year round both in the mornings and evenings.

Our instructors and tandem pilots have been flying for years and have taken 1000s of people into the air for an amazing experience. Your first flight is a precious moment and we insure you have a safe, fun and unforgettable adventure. 


Tzvetan Tzolov
Paragliding instructor, tandem pilot.
19 years flying experience.
Languages: English, Bulgarian, Russian
Rimante Tzolova
Paragliding instructor, winch operator.
12 years flying experience.
Languages: English, Bulgarian, Lithuanian
Todor Todorov
Paragliding instructor, tandem pilot.
18 years flying experience.
Languages: English, Bulgarian, Russian
Dimitar Boyanov
Hang-gliding instructor, tandem pilot.
18 years flying experience.
Languages: English, Bulgarian,Russian
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I've wanted to learn how to fly since I was a kid. I've spent countless hours building and flying model airplanes but flying yourself is a totally different experience. After asking around for the best paragliding school, I signed up to the beginner paragliding course with Vertical Dimension. Their crew was amazing. Very experienced pilots and knowledgeable instructors who put your safety as their number one priority. They take individual interest in each of their students. From ground handling training to your first high altitude flights they'll be there for you, monitoring your progress and giving you advice. At the end of their course you would have not only learned how to fly, but you will have discovered a new way of life. Learning to fly was possibly the best decision I've ever made and Vertical Dimension made my dream a reality. I would absolutely recommend flying with them, whether it be just a recreational tandem flight or a full paragliding course. You will have a lot of fun and you can rest assured you are in very capable hands.


Itay Grudev, 18-Apr-2018